A Sweet Gift

Here’s our latest movie!

We were hoping to make this the first one we shot, but the weather just didn’t cooperate on Monday nights. Finally at the beginning of November we got a clear enough sky and warm enough temps!

Color correcting and chroma keying were a nightmare because by the time we wrapped it was pitch black outside and the only light we had was from the theatre entrance lights. Jerica kept having to park the car to take advantage of whatever light we had. But it was super fun to shoot!

In this little vignette, Philip and Marcus are on their way to class with Anna and Jerica. Hazel was my AD for this one, with Andrew, Corbin and Juleya either on chroma or wardrobe duty. I hope I remembered to take the tape marks off the street.

This one was an exercise in green screen, overlay spfx and the challenges of shooting outdoors. We had to wait for the occasional train or passing vehicle in order to get decent enough audio, but we hope you like it!

We’re probably done film for now; it’s back to improv, theatre sports and prepping for April’s Showcase performance!

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