Beaver County sponsorship

It’s our tenth anniversary, and I’m more than pleased to announce that Beaver County has awarded sponsorship to the Big Picture Theatre Foundation again this year!

I’ve calculated that I put just under 300 hours a year into this program. It does not receive the recognition of other organizations in the village, because I do almost all of it myself and only ask for help when I need it. So I am humbled and grateful that the County has backed this program strongly for years now.

Fees are very modest, and this year they basically just cover insurance. For a couple of seasons I kept them as compensation for my time and effort but I’ve stopped doing that and have gone back to running the program as a volunteer.

It’s no exaggeration to say the program wouldn’t even exist without sponsors and donors. Apart from Showcase ticket revenue, every other expense has to come from outside.

We’re going to start rehearsals soon for our 10th anniversary Showcase…all over again! Stay tuned!

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