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Students (and parents too), in case you missed the latest newsletter, here it is. Nobody knows how long this lockdown will continue, but we sure do know some of the things in my last newsletter, which I’ll quote here before giving you some resources that you can use to prevent total insanity being trapped in the house with your insane (siblings, crazy aunt, human-hating cat/s, etc):

“Never once did I have any of my students back out of Showcase. I am immensely proud of all of you for that. Every Showcase was better than the one before, and nobody can take that away from you.

I was discussing my class with a County rep recently who remarked at how many of my students have stayed in the program from one year to the next. He couldn’t think of any extracurricular program with that kind of record, and I want to thank you all for that.

Also, I have to say… Don’t let this situation rattle you. Even when you see adults behaving like idiots and allowing their fears to rule them. I’ve taught you that it’s okay to be afraid but you stay steady anyway because the show must go on. Don’t let the actions of a few people who’ve lost their nerve make you afraid too.

In the meantime, remember…Music, going outside, singing, reading, laughter, helping somebody in need, telling somebody you love them, and hope. Those things are just as welcome as they ever were. Being kind to animals, thanking your friends and family for being there for you, reminding yourself that you are a miracle and the world needs you, dreaming about the amazing life ahead of you, those things also are encouraged.

Use your time away from school constructively. Learn some things you’d never have the opportunity or time to learn otherwise. Because this *will* end, life *will* resume, and I *will* see you again, my friends.”

Okay, here’s the latest:

Hi everybody!

No, sadly this isn’t an email about us getting together tomorrow. As you know, things have gone from bad to weird. Alberta has declared a state of emergency.
You should know that “state of emergency” is just a technical term the government uses, it doesn’t mean “panic and run for the door.” As always just keep a cool head, just treat it like stage fright. It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t let it affect your performance! Use this time to become even more amazing, wonderful, strong and loving than I already know you are!

If you’re not already sick of tiktok and cat videos (I’m not, but you might be 😀 ) check out the following links. There are some beautiful and amazing things out there! Homeschool parents might have these already, but for the rest, visit these!

An enormous collection of art from the Art Institute of Chicago. I’ve been there and it’s beautiful![beautiful_link_preview url=””]

You can download over 180,000 books from the New York Public Library free of charge: [beautiful_link_preview url=””]

If you like astronauts reading to you from space (I mean who doesn’t) check this out. It’s more for really little kids, but hey, storytime right?
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

NASA’s image library is available online.
Note: When you go to the page, it defaults to ‘Newest’. Select ‘Most Popular’ and you’ll see some breathtaking images of space:
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

This is a list of only 12 of the many museums that have made all or part of their collections available for viewing online:
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

A partial list of some great online learning sites:
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

No, I didn’t forget we’re a theatre group. But I’m including all sorts of links because a great actor is able to pull from all kinds of experiences!
Here are some free acting resources:
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

Indigenous K-8 lessons. I just learned how to say “Good morning” in Cree:
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

Wanna see a concert? Here are some playing this week online:
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

Coping with Anxiety:
[beautiful_link_preview url=””]

These are stressful times, and you’re right in the middle of it through no fault of your own. Kids and adults alike are wondering what to do. The reason why many older people seem calmer than younger ones is because they’ve lived through times of trouble before. But for young people this is bewildering and I understand completely.

I want you to know I will never abandon you. Our classes and rehearsals were always about understanding and communicating and enjoying each other’s company and that will never change.

These are only some of thousands of sites that can teach you something and help you understand your world a little better. We’re all going to come out of this different than when we went in. Just remember that every day, every minutes, you choose how to act. All I want is for you to look back on this and be proud of how you handled yourself.

We’ll meet again!


P.s. Being isolated and quarantined has its upside you know. When Cambridge University was closed due to a plague outbreak, Isaac Newton went home to Woolsthorpe Manor which is where he saw an apple fall from a tree. And that led him to form his theory of gravity. And that turned out pretty well, I’d say:

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