We do a ton of improv and theatre sports-styled activities and games, but thanks to Covid the class size is small enough this year that we can all be involved in film projects too! Everybody helped out to make this little gem.

BMS donated a video camera recently, so we put it to good use. With some homemade lighting solutions, a Video Village for the class to monitor the shots (the TV from my hobby room) and a few other improvised tools, we came up with this. It’s a class vid we made to illustrate whip cuts, snap cuts, split screen and masking effects.

By the time I explained the shots, set them up, went through some terminology, and some other details, filming took the whole class with no breaks. That’s two and a half hours, folks, but not a single complaint! The students were total champs!

We all called it fun, and with a little magic thrown in, I call it “S’Witchy.”

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