Claystone (BMS) Sponsorship

I’m humbled and grateful that BMS (now Claystone) has been a strong backer of the Juniors program for many years now. Anne, Pierre, and all the gang at Claystone do a wonderful job of enhancing the whole County, and I’m happy to have made their acquaintance!

I’m more than pleased to announce that Claystone has awarded sponsorship to the Big Picture Theatre Foundation again this year.

Did you notice that the video quality improved about halfway through our Showcase opening video for the 2018-19 season? That’s because Claystone bought us a fancy-dancy video camera! Watch it here!

For a couple of seasons I kept fees as compensation for my time and effort but I stopped doing that and have gone back to running the program as a volunteer. Besides, with so few students in the 2020-21 year due to the pandemic, fees just basically covered insurance anyway.

This means that the money for all the expenditures has to come from somewhere, and Claystone has become a very important part of the program.

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