Season 10, Take 2!

Here We Go Again! Our Tenth Season, Take Two!*

Another season of the Big Picture theatre school is under way. We’re a much smaller class this year due to the restrictions of social distancing.

This has its advantages: For one thing, a smaller class means I can spend more time with each student and participate more fully in the exercises, and the students get to know each other a lot better than in a bigger group.

Also, we’re doing a lot of film, which is easier to do with a small class. With 30+ students standing around getting bored while half a dozen do the work, it would have been tough. But this year, I can involve the whole group in some films! Before we got locked down again we made some beauties. Check out S’Witchy, The Magic Bullet, and A Sweet Gift!

In past years, with an early class and a late class, I’d have to write the scripts so they could be rehearsed within those classes, so we’d all meet for group rehearsals as we got closer to Showcase and the students would be looking at each other wondering why they’d never met this person before. This year, that’s not happening!

Students learn communication and self-confidence skills through the medium of theatre, including improv, scene study, some film exercises and workshop-style classes.

Classes are held Monday evenings.

All students are given a role in the end-of-year Showcase performance. Showcase will be April 23 & 24, 2021.

See you there!

*well… provided nobody eats any more undercooked bats.

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