We Got Us A Team Name & Logo!

It’s been tough on all of us since early 2020, but especially so for young people.

We were at the theatre every single Monday that we were allowed to (except one, when I was waiting for the results of a covid test. Came back negative, so we were back at it the next week).

We’ve seen a lot of students come and go since March of 2020 when the roller coaster of lockdowns and easing began. Some aged out and graduated, but most cited covid as the reason, and sank out of sight. To them we bid a sad farewell, but there were six core students – all of whom returnees from the previous year – who stuck it out to the end.

The determination, good humour, persistence, and wonderful attitude shown by Hazel, Philip, Anna, Jerica, Andrew, and Juleya inspired me to come up with a name for the group.

I’ve always wanted a team name. It’s been the “Junior Players” since day one, but that’s hardly an inspiring moniker.

After the year we’ve had, I wanted something that would indicate striving, reaching, connection, our feet planted on the ground but reaching for the sky. I wanted these young heroes to know that they’ve made my life better.

Their spirit will live on, whether future students know it or not. One night we were circling up and it hit me – SKYSCRAPERS!

This is especially appropriate since Anna and Jerica, who combined are just barely able to see over the counter, are always bragging about how tall they are. So what else would I call them?

Andrew and Juleya contributed these ideas!

I asked the class for their ideas about what the logo should look like. Andrew and Juleya contributed these sketches, and I had a designer refine them a bit. Our finished logo is exactly what it says – skyscrapers. Strong, tall, connected (get the bridge?), and who needs a sun when you’ve got stage lights?

My wonderful Monday night lights are the Skyscrapers. There we are!


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